Sunday, 25 May 2014

#Letr2Jil: MAKING A S*X TAPE, By Leke Alder

My dear Jil, I'd have thought by now you'd know better than to produce a sex tape. There are too many instances of sex tape gone viral that someone should have learnt by now. Whatever the wonderful intent of Kim Kardashian about her sex tape I doubt if she contemplated a vengeful Ray J. When it comes to sex tape there is always the possibility of prosecution of malice or revenge by a former lover.

A sex tape surrenders power to your partner over your future. And he has full discretionary powers. And you know people change, and promises get broken; trust can become a tradable commodity. A sex tape has untoward possibilities.  There is the high possibility it will leak at some point; there is a possibility someone's going to seek to damage your future with it; a possibility that someone's going to seek to get back at you; or someone's going To seek to become famous at your expense; or someone's going to be careless, stupid, foolish or reckless; or someone's going to seek to blackmail you; or someone's going to torment you in the short, medium or long term... These are real and present dangers.

Men are not always honourable and cyberspace has become a residential retreat for evil doers. Then there's the danger of unintended distribution. Unerased files on a phone given to someone for example. There's also the possibility of someone hacking into your computer or mobile device to download your sequestered privacy. Then the scripture will be fulfilled: That which is done in secret shall be made manifest. Whatever voyeuristic enjambment you seek from a sex tape its capacity for treachery is not worth your acting debut. But some people get famous from sex tapes don't they? But is that the "fame" you want? Notoriety must not be confused with fame. Even if the normative values of your generation are accommodative of sex tape as arterial avenue to fame... note that many of those who laud the philosophy of prurient fame would rather not be the ones in those tapes. They're sideline cheer leaders who critically never volunteer their future as notorious digital media.

The issue goes beyond you. Think of your parents. Think of your children. Do you really want junior googling mummy and the top search result is mummy's sex tape? The level of viral interest in such materials ensures that every time your name is googled the sex tape comes up. That's when you hear the sermon: "Mummy did some bad things a long time ago. I'm not proud of those things." A digital release multiplies faster than a swarm of obstreperous virus. (Obstreperous means difficult to control). That is the nature of the web and the new world order is digital malignancy. Your future must not become an amortised asset, your reputation mortgaged to the hilt. That sex tape is going to stay in cyberspace forever. These things define paths, determine and limit life options. Actions have consequences. Always think of your future despite the natural inclination of youth to only think of the here and now. Something you did a whole while back can rush into your future with the force of a 2-ton canon ball. Even if not released on the net the tape can surface ten, fifteen years later with wicked intent. It will force unimaginable repercussions on your life. May determine your fortune- political or otherwise. And your parents or husband may suffer from those repercussions, or be prevented in life.

There's a gentleman who can't run for office today though eminently qualified, on account of the lascivious past of his wife. She loves him dearly but she knows a run for office will force some things out into the open. His declaration will bring about remembrances of the past quietly buried just below the surface of human consciousness. His opponents will use her past against him, salivating a prime time moment in anticipatory maliciousness. If he insists on running she must divorce him she says. For his own good. Let me bring things into sharper perspective- give you the focus being in love will deny you.

Research how many campus relationships end up in marriage. You'll discover the statistics is rather low. (Going somewhere). It's because the actuality of the real world renders obsolescent the circumstances of campus affection; thins out the potency. A university campus is a factitious environment though real world phenomena take place there. It is deliberately designed to forge intellectual stimulation through crossings and interactions. In the real world the demands of work and life...the mechanics of daily ablution prevent certain levels of interaction.

You just can't "dash to Tunde's hostel" in the real world. His availability is moderated by so many factors. A love forged under the pseudo realities of campus life will be subject to stress test in the real world. The young man still has to move out of home. He needs to get an apartment, furnish it at least a bit before marrying. That can take some time though the girl is ready for marriage. She's waiting to walk down the aisle. Minus economics the boy most times is not psychologically ready to take that big step immediately after school. Readiness dissonance will create a fissure in the relationship. The word "relationship" presupposes a continuum. There can't be gaps or fissures. Then there are consequences of maturity. The more mature you become the more you know what you should want in a man. Tunde may not necessarily fit that definition. His love offering thus becomes extinct under new realisations. Now you see why the mortality rate for campus hatched relationships is high. Life asserts and imposes itself.

Now imagine making a sex tape on campus given the foregoing. The chance the sex tape will be in the custody of someone you're probabilistically unlikely to marry is high. And so an amateur pornographic flick you starred in when you were 18, 19 can come to haunt your life with vengeance. A lot depends on the character of that boyfriend, and God help you if Tunde is angry you jilted him. He will exact digital revenge the likes of which the TV drama, Revenge will lust after for a script.

When you become someone important or the wife of someone important a digitalised record can threaten it all. Imagine being a First Lady or Minister of the Federal Republic and your sex tape is released! Guess it all depends on how you see your future, how far you see yourself going, what you intend to become. As for the sex itself maybe you should consider following God's instruction about it. You know what he says. His standards may seem a bit high but I always start with the assumption that he knows what he's talking about. But you know each generation thinks it's more modern than God, as if God didn't invent the future. Pardon me but didn't God invent sex? Or did we?

Your mentor, LA.

 © Leke Alder 2014

Sunday, 30 March 2014

#Letr2Jack: Infernal Affections by Leke Alder

Jack, there are those in female anatomical proportions purposed in the embers of Hell to derail purposes and life missions....They are...totally dedicated to Lucifer. He's their lord. You can't marry them.

My dear Jack, I am writing you this morning to let you into an awareness as you seek a conjugating pair. There are some things you ought to know - realities you must appropriate, for your own good. Life is not apparent. Things are not always what they seem. People are not always who they seem. I had thought to share this knowledge with you some weeks back, but the dimension of knowledge hesitated me. But here I am 36,000 feet above sea level, suspended between heaven and earth in the fuselage of a plane, writing you...

Ensconsed at the junction of the merger of heaven and earth, I'd gazed into the deep. I felt a kick in the gut - an urgent visceral nudge to write you, to share this information with you, and warn you. The hyper realistic wooliness of the sky around me, the sharp glittering reflection of the sun in the waters below... Both lent fertiliser to the extra ordinary dimension of information flowering in my being. My thoughts shudder at the knowledge of contiguity of evil to our lives, the hyperborean ignorance of many...

Jack, there are those in female anatomical proportions purposed in the embers of Hell to derail purposes and life missions. You don't want to get involved with these. They are wholly possessed, totally dedicated to Lucifer. He's their lord. You can't marry them. They're cacodemonic shape shifters. (Google). They have spirit husbands. Some are married to Lucifer! They'll wreck your life and destroy you. You can't imagine their evil capacities! Some are sent to churches on assignment. Then there are those who invite the powers of Hades to their aid in a colonial vision of the matrimonial enterprise. They solicit help from infernal powers in their quest for husband. They're diabolical. May God save you from such.

They will go to any length to get a husband. Some put shamans and witch doctors on retainer. I call these matrimonial venture capitalists The Harvesters. They are so called because of the methodologies employed in their quest for husband. They harvest DNA samples - sperm and pubic hair in pursuit of a fetish agenda. They harvest tokens of pheromones - clothes and underwear - sticking demons on you like dogs seeking scents. They harvest THEIR body materials as chemical substance stimulus for behavioral responses. By the synthesis of female body secretion, carnal wash or grounded pubic hair with food, a highly inspired lustful desire is created. It is a satanic use of pheromones as programming language. You'll be like a dog in an erotic masturbatory state, filled with visions of sexual fantasy possibilities. There'll be heightened sensitivity. It's all to get you to have sex.

The sex is the hook - a spiritual baiting implement. Through incantations, code is generated for your virtual reality immersion. It's like a computer program. The woman is inserted as avatar. The avatar takes the shape of your lust. You'll see curves where none exist in reality. Remember that scripture where God says "they have eyes but they see not; ears but they hear not"...? It's the same principle but with substitute vision. You won't see the real woman. All you'll see is manufactured imagery. You'll be viewing an alternative reality. You're in a world of delusion. Your mind is the game console. In a manner of speaking you're under influence. (Driving to her house is driving under influence - DUI).

Another means of control is voodoo - the tying of souls to tangibles - effigies. The witch doctor takes a piece from your cloth, wrapping it around a voodoo doll. The doll represents you. (That piece of cloth is technically referred to as "point of contact"). Your voodoo doll is then bound to another doll representing the harvester. It's a sexual and marital bond. Through incantations the voodooist channels dark energy into your circumstance. Dictations are made, your destiny is amended, bonds are forged, under satanic compulsion. A compelling force descends on you - the spirit of lust. Synthesised affection is created.

As incantations are made you'll habitually pay obedience to stimuli. Your actions will begin to defy reason to the observant. But you'll be unaware. You're under a spell. An irritable spirit (spirit of vexation) will be sent to make you angry with your girlfriend. You'll be constantly irritated with her. You'll be pepper angry. There'll be constant fights until the relationship breaks. You'll begin to define your affection according to the format of your controller. She's laced your food, laced the sex. The laced food begins to taste extra ordinary, like the artistic output of a Maggi cooking competition. Your controller will seem more beautiful. A virtue dimension is introduced. It's desire programming. Food and sex are thus the primary channels of spiritual colonisation.

Put a knife to your throat, sheath your organ. Stop being reckless with sex and consumption. Don't let them get you. The deliverance is costly. A young man I know got himself entangled in an infernal liaison. Under influence he handed over his company bank account - not his personal account, corporate account! His controller drained it. Seeking to satisfy her he borrowed from the bank, heavily. Fortunately he got delivered but he had no shirt left on his back. As I write to you he's still paying back debt.

Now some young men imagine if they date a witch she'll use her powers and access to their advantage. Such ideas are betrayals of ignorance of the inner workings of the Kingdom of Darkness. It's an elongation of the "white witch", "black witch" concept; only the missions are combined in one human form. She's a discriminatory agency - benevolent to her lover, most wicked to targets. Question: Why would Satan's servant be devoted to you? What value? For what reason? You?! Is this a joke? Satan demands total and unquestioning allegiance from his devotees. They must demonstrate faith in him through sacrifice of what they hold dear. It's why witches murder their children. This idea of "white witches", "black witches" gives witchcraft a confectionary hue - like white and black forest cake. Well, I've got news for you: Darkness has only one colour. And why would you be playing around with forces way, way beyond your comprehensive capability. You have no idea!

Now I am not saying live in fear. I'm just saying don't open yourself up. Discipline your loins and taste buds. I still don't know why I felt a compulsion to share this information with you. Perhaps you're at the edge of a very terrible mistake. STOP!

Your mentor,


© Leke Alder 2014